Alys Thomas

Alys is a French & British photographer based in Paris. 

"Subtlety. Equilibrium. Humour. Like a surprising and balanced recipe, Alys' work always gives me a slight amount of fascination, pleasure, amusement and curiosity. As if something was always about to happen, fall, change, leave or come. As if I was asked to find the detail she found and that made the whole scene unique. Playing gracefully with textures, colors and light, she captures the essence of life : severity and joy that makes it both absurd and beautiful, deep and funny, rough and tender, timeless and ephemeral. Her work has the poesy of Paris and the humour of British jokes, probably influenced by her mixed origins. With always one element chosen as the main character of the scene, is it a yellow jacket, a tree or a group of friends, with the beautiful contrasts between light and shadows, her work reminds me somehow of Hopper's paintings. But in her work her main subject is never waiting. It is already about to move or to be moved. And this is why her work creates my own interest, admiration and emotions." - Jenny


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Email: alysthomas@gmail.com

Instagram: @alys.thomas